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IfollowJesusChrist is an 45 year old single Woman living in Aurora Colorado and ready to date Amish.
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IfollowJesusChrist's Profile Information

IfollowJesusChrist is Amish dating in Aurora, Colorado, United States
IfollowJesusChrist Amish Crush Member
  • Nickname: IfollowJesusChrist
  • Age: 45
  • Gender: Woman
  • City: Aurora
  • State: Colorado
  • Country: United States
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IfollowJesusChrist other Amish Crush profle picture
IfollowJesusChrist other Amish Crush profle picture

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5’1” 3/4”

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I am a Single 45 Year Old lady that lives in Colorado. I have been raised up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, my whole life. All of my beliefs were/have been and are almost if not 100% EXACTLY as that of the Amish faith. About 6 years ago I started living the Amish lifestyle (God’s Way of living) and have chosen this way of life for me. Even though in my heart, I feel that this is who I truly am and have always been but now have completely come to submission to Father God. I do not live a worldly/secular life. I do not attend worldly functions and activities nor do I listen to worldly music. I only know and sing Hymns. I read and study from only the KJV Bible, daily. Attending and serving in Church, fellowshiping and serving the Lord with my other Bretheren is not what I do but my way of life. I live for God in all that I do, serving Him...following my Saviour Jesus Christ. I dress according to the Amish Ordnung and submit myself under the Authority of God and the Church. A Husband, I do not have any longer. I am Divorced. I have asked God the Father for forgiveness and that His Will be done with me. Let Him be my judge as I too also judge myself accordingly. As in 1 Cor. 11, I wear a prayer Kapp and keep my head covered. I am covered in modesty. I am in this world but not of it. Since I was not born into the Amish faith or raised in an Amish Community, it seems only but impossible to be excepted into an Amish Community. So I keep my eyes upon the Lord and live to serve only Him with my life. I have 5 Children. All are adults now and out of the home. Except for my 14 Year Old Daughter who went Home to be with The Lord this past year. I do not work ouside of the Home. I serve in the Church. I have a Roommate and in exchange for house work, cooking and chores I work for the roof and food that is provided for me. I have not had relations with a man for over 15 years. I do not believe in fornication or dating but only courting, to be married and serving the Lord together. If not in a marriage for Christ Jesus, I prefer to stay single and serving my Father God. I gave my heart to my Lord Jesus Christ when I was but of only 9 years of age. I then at that time was Baptized by submersion in water. I attended Christian School and was taught to not follow or live a secular lifestyle. But to repent of foolish ways and live for Christ alone. There is so much more to tell but that all I will save for later when God sees it permitted to share with another who is wanting to know and forgiving. I am a Proverbs 31 Woman.

Why are you joining Amish Crush??
This past year my 14 year old Daughter went Home to be with The Lord in Heaven and now I am all alone (but not without Christ). I am praying to share my life with a Brother in Christ, who lives daily continuously for The Father and serves Him with every breath that he takes. All the days of my life left here on this Earth would be a blessing to share with another of the same love and faith that I have for my Father God and choosing to follow the Lord Jesus....all the days of my life that I have left...following Him, together with another with the same strong convictions. An Old Order Horse and Buggy Amish man is whom I would choose to be a good match for me. I’m not interested in foolishness nor folly.