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Will is an 39 year old single Man living in Cleveland Ohio and ready to date Amish.
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Will's Profile Information

Will is Amish dating in Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Will Amish Crush Member
  • Nickname: Will
  • Age: 39
  • Gender: Man
  • City: Cleveland
  • State: Ohio
  • Country: United States
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How tall are you??

What color are your eyes??

What is your hair color??

Do you have children??

Do you want children??

Do you smoke??

Describe yourself?
Complicated. Dreaming of oriental, African, Hispanic/Latin, Norwegian, European etc
Truck driver, really routine special- I like exercise, vegan food , pornography sort of (women being sexy and pleasing)
Adventurous eager to learn. Imaginative, smart, sort foolish or nieve.

Why are you joining Amish Crush??
To have German speaking woman so I can be closer to my roots / heritage to culture well. Maybe to be engrossed in love ASAP.