Online Dating Tips for Amish People

Amish or not, you want to get the most out of your attempts at finding someone on a dating site. These dating tips are specifically for the Amish but if you're not you can still read them and enjoy.

It's no secret that online dating has become very popular in today's world - it's massive. The number of websites offering dating services is through the roof. With the constant improvements in technology, people are spending more and more time online, and it is often the place where someone goes to find love. There are many different resources for online dating, including sites that are specific to a particular group. There are sites that cater to particular religions, ethnicities, races, ages, lifestyles, and more.

Online Dating Tips for Amish PeopleWhile online dating is an incredibly common thing in this day and age, many people are shocked when they hear about online dating for Amish people. Even in today's modern world, most people think of the Amish culture as completely shunning technology in every form.

The very idea of an Amish dating site seems to some to be contrary to the Amish way of life, even apprehensible! However, online dating is a very real thing for Amish people (especially during Rumspringa), and it is a great way to help an Amish/Mennonite person find his or her life partner.

Things to consider before deciding sign up

If you are actually interested in joining an Amish dating service, there are quite a few things to consider before setting up your profile and looking for your perfect match. First, you need to decide whether or not online dating is the right move for you. The use of technology varies among Amish communities, but one thing remains constant: technology must never get in the way of family or faith. Of course, in the case of Amish dating, technology is actually helping to create new families that are deeply rooted in the Amish faith!

As an Amish person, you may choose to accept certain technology uses but you must distance yourself from the technology too. Do not expect to constantly be checking your profile to see if you have any new messages or requests. Dating in the Amish world should be used as a means to finding friendship and love, not as a way of spending all of your time. You cannot let it become an obsession where you are ultimately married to the technology and not to the person on the other end of it. To the progressive Amish communities, using this technology which essentially belongs to God anyways and in the first place, is a great way to facilitate a marriage in God, but should not at all be abused.

Setting up a profile

Once you decide to get started, you will need to set up your profile. While you want your profile to be an accurate representation of yourself, you also want to remember your faith and values. You shouldn't misrepresent yourself in your profile at all, and you shouldn't use it as a way to be vain or immodest. You should post a recent picture that shows who you are and make sure you use a picture that is in good taste. When you create your profile, you will need to share certain information about yourself, including your interests and your values. It is important to be honest here. There is no point in trying to win someone over through falsehoods and deceptions always come back to haunt you. All deception will do is set you up for an unhappy relationship.

While it is safe to assume that the other people on an site are also accepting of technology in their lives, you do want to make sure that you are clear and upfront about your expectations and your community.

Avoiding sexually explicit members

Many people in the non-Amish world use online dating as a way of meeting people to hook up for sex - it's a sad fact that can't be denied. Amish dating should never be used in this fashion and every one of us knows why. For the most part, it is quite rare for an Amish couple to engage in sexual intercourse before becoming life partners. If your purpose in using online dating is for sex, then an Amish dating site is probably not for you. There are very few men or women in the community who will be accepting of such expectations.

While it is certainly okay to use an online dating site to develop casual friendships, it is not advised to commit any acts that are going to break your moral codes in the process. As you would with anything else, use online dating responsibly and in the best interest of your faith and family.

If you choose to use this kind of technology, you are making yourself available to a broad range of people. You will inevitably encounter people who do not share the same views as you. Just as with any other religion or culture, not all Amish people have the same beliefs or the same tastes. It is important to use online dating as a means of finding someone who is compatible with you, not as a way to express any negative will towards others. If you find yourself being harassed by someone because of your beliefs, then it is important to report this behavior and cut off any communication with this person instantly.

Be careful who you talk to and avoid non-Christians

Since dating sites are basically open to anyone, it is unavoidable that people who are not Amish/Mennonite will sign up for them. While sites like ours strongly encourage all users to either be Amish or serious about converting to the faith, there are bound to be people who misrepresent themselves or use the website in non-Christian ways. It is best to stay away from anyone who does not hold the same values as you. Report any misconduct immediately.

Trying to find love on an Amish dating site can be a fun and beautiful experience. Many people wonder what they should be looking for when they sign up for the site. The best advice is to trust your gut and your heart. If you find someone with similar beliefs who seems like a good match for you and lives in your area, then chances are that you can live a happy life with that person. Ultimately, an Amish dating site should be used to lead you to the life partner with whom you can raise a family rooted in a strong faith tradition. Whenever you interact with someone, make sure that their values line up with yours.

When you make the decision to engage in this site, you are also making the decision to be responsible and respectful to yourself, your family, your faith, and the other people in the dating community. Ultimately, online dating shouldn't be much different than any other forms of courtship, and technically it isn't. Just as you would if meeting someone face to face, you get to know the other person to see if your values match and your relationship can lead to success. This is a great new opportunity for an Amish person to find love and become stronger in faith and family.